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Mighty Thistle Location in Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get it?

Hello there gamers! Hyrule’s been smoking some type of a flower recently that got them through the tough time. Yes, we are talking about the Mighty Thistle. Do you also want to try some? Well, here’s our take on the Mighty Thistle Location in Tears of the Kingdom. Another increment in our “How to Get It” series!

Mighty Thistle Location in Tears of the Kingdom - How to Get it?

What is Mighty Thistle?

In Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you will find various foods, flowers, and boosters that will enhance the specific side of your stats. The Mighty Thistle is also amongst those flowers that boost your attack power.

How to Get Mighty Thistle?

In order to Locate the Mighty Thistle, you will first have to dig deeper than most other plants… Obviously because of its rarity. The best Areas to Find the Mighty Thistle in Tears of the Kingdom are;

  • Floria River’s South – Coordinates are 1271, -3363, 0048
  • Piper Ridge’s North (except the small pond) – Coordinates are -3545, 0761, 0187
  • Rabella’s Wetlands North – Coordinates are 2458, -2583, 0164

Final Verdict

Yes, we know getting your hands on some Mighty Thistle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom isn’t an easy task, but let’s cut to the chase here. There are three main Mighty Thistle Locations that can help you pack some of them if not many.

If you got some extra time, feel free to check out our other guides 🙂

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