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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Kazuya dominates Tekken 8 CNT – Players Call For Nerf

As we know Tekken 8 developers launched Closed Network Test (CNT). During the first week of testing, players discover a new combo that is very easy to master. The problem with this combo is that it is game-breaking and players call for Nerf. Why the Kazyua dominates Tekken 8 CNT by one combo and why players call for Nerf, We will discuss this in this guide.

Kazuya String Combo

The Game-Breaking Combo of Kazuya is called String. This combo gives damage to an opponent, he dealt with heavy damage and even finished the round within 10 seconds if you performed String 3 times in a row. This Combo is a mixture of Highs and lows which makes it too hard to block. If the opponent attacks you can easily perform this by side stepping and the opponent has no chance to block it.

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Players Reports

However, Tekken Pro Joka discovered this Kazuya move and shared it on Twitter.

Even casual players learn the move and perform in-game which makes the match one-sided.


Now after watching and reading about this combo in this guide, you had an idea why this combo needs to nerf as soon as possible. This Kazyua combo is very difficult to block and fast which makes it a game-breaking combo and easy to master which makes a match one-sided and needs to be nerfed by developers.

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