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How to Find and Catch Eel in Dave the Diver

Mintrocket releases a new casual adventure game for oc known as Dave the Diver. The release date for Pc is June 28, 2023. The character named Dave manages a sushi restaurant and his main work is to take a deep dive in the ocean. The ocean’s name is Blue Hole in which he catches multiple fish and fights with different water creatures. There are critics in the game and we have to deal with them carefully because they give different in-game items. These items help to progress in the game. For these items, critics demand different dishes from Dave’s restaurant. Like critic Otto will demand the Moray Eel Curry. In this guide, you will know how to find and catch Moray Eel.

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Find and Catch Moray Eel

Most of the Players facing difficulties to find and catching the Moray Eel. This Eel will be found in the quest, for the quest Otto will appear in the restaurant and ask you for Moray Eel Curry. The quest will start named “A Noisy Customer” in which you have to catch Moray Eel.


  • Creatures come out at night so you have to hunt in the nighttime
  • Tools like Harpoon, Head Torch, Net, and Extra Oxygen Tank

Quest Instructions

Dive into Blue Ocean, creatures marked with a blue waypoint its mean quest is started. Follow these steps to catch Moray Eel;

  1. Creatures would be extra dangerous they can sense danger and attack you while approaching Eels so be cautious.
  2. To capture Eel you have to weaken it by hitting and dodging strikes.
  3. After capturing return back to your restaurant and go to Research Recipe then unlock the Moray Eel Curry recipe, select 2x Moray Eel and 1x Turmeric
  4. Select a dish for the night menu.

When you served the dish to Otto he will give you a fish farm which makes it easy to breed and serve fish at your restaurant.


I hope after reading this guide and implementing this in the game solves your problem of finding and catching Moray Eel. This is a simple guide for better understanding, all you need is some essential tools and simple techniques to catch Eel to finish the quest. After this, you will have great progression in-game which helps you in the next quests.

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