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Grand Theft Auto Best Ending Missions -Ranked

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is an open-world game with a great story and gameplay. The ending plays an important role in storytelling which can create or destroy the overall story. So in the games, the ending should be presented in the form of Final or Ending missions. Today we looked at the Grand Theft Auto ending missions and ranked them.

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#5 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The Final Mission of GTA Vice City is called Keep Your Friends Close. In this, Tommy Vercetti comes to know about the betrayal of Lance Vance. Before killing Lance Tommy merges into gun fights with the gunmen of the Forelli Family. After Lance is killed by Tommy, the Forelli himself comes into Fight and got himself killed.

#4 Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony 

The Ballad of Gay Tony is the DLC of Grand Theft Auto 4. The final mission of this game starts with Luis having to get rid of heroin hidden in duck-shaped bins in the different stores around the theme park. The mission includes shooting and chasing sequences.

#3 Grand Theft Auto 4

The Final Mission of GTA 4 “ A Revenger’s Tragedy” is a most interesting and enjoyable one. So in this, Dimitri kills Jimmy then the antagonist. Then Niko chased Dimitri by car which is the longest chase in GTA history ended up catching Dimitri. 

#2 Grand Theft Auto 5

There are 3 choices for ending Grand Theft Auto 5. But the most iconic and impressive option to end GTA 5 is “the third option”. In this Franklin, Michail, and Trevor team up and plan to kill Steve Haines in a brutal way which ends up a violence-filled mission.

#1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

By ranking the final mission of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas comes to the top. This game is classified as in best open-world game due to its story and gameplay. Final Mission “ End of the Line” is one of the best missions in video games. This includes street chases, entering the building with armored cars, and an escape shootout on a fire truck.


After reading this now you know which Grand Theft Auto ending missions is best so far and why is that. What do you think about that give your opinion to let us know which one is your favorite ending mission in Grand Theft Auto Franchise.

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