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Final Fantasy XVI (16) Collector’s Edition Rewards

Final Fantasy XVI(16) has a Collector’s Edition with exclusive rewards. These rewards are kind of special for the fans of the Final Fantasy Franchise. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss the FFXVI Collector’s Edition Rewards, along with the Pre-order Bonuses and where to buy them. Let’s get started!

Final Fantasy XVI (16) Collector’s Edition Rewards

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All Collector’s Edition Rewards

  • Collector’s Box – It’s a metallic-sheen box including artwork by the Final Fantasy series illustrator. Yoshitaka Amano.
  • Premium Statue – This is the statue of two major Eikons from the game: Phoenix and the Ifrit
  • Metal Pin Collection – This Includes eight metallic pinks of the Eikons from the game
  • Steelbook Case – The Collector’s Edition is encased in this steel bookcase, including the art of Clive, the game’s main character.
  • Cloth World Map – A map of Valisthea’s land is printed on cloth and the land where the game is set.
  • Blood Sword DLC – It is the fabled sword of Firion from Final Fantasy II and is a recurring sword in the series, available as an in-game item.
Final Fantasy XVI (16) Collector’s Edition Rewards

Pre Order Bonuses for Final Fantasy 16

If you pre-order the game exclusively from the Square Enix Store, you get these Bonuses:

  1. Final Fantasy XVI Pre-order SteelBook Case
  2. The Realms of Valishtea Wall Banners
  3. Digital Mini Soundtrack
  4. Scholars Spectacles in-game item

Price for FFXVI Collector’s Edition

The Final Fantasy XVI(16) Collectors Edition is currently for the PS5 available for pre-order for $349.99 on the Square Enix store and PlayStation Store.

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