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Final Fantasy 16 Main Character Explained!

The Final Fantasy franchise continues with its previous main protagonist. There are also other characters that are playable. The main playable character of Final Fantasy XVI is Clive Rosield, who is the first and elder son of the Archduke of Rosaria. When you fight with Eikons, the main character will become stronger. Here is our Final Fantasy 16 main character explanation guide where we delve into the depths of Clive Rosield.

Final Fantasy 16 Main Character Explained!

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Location and Family

Clive lives at the Rosalith Castle with his younger brother, Joshua Rosfield. He is the guardian of the family and house, Jill Warrick, and his trustworthy friend, Torgal, and they made good understandings and bonds with each other.

Everyone expects Clive will be next in line to inherit the Primary Eikon (Monster) of Fire. Rasoria’s Archduke had a second son Joshua who is the younger brother of Clive.

He was born with the ability to control the Phoenix, inspiring Clive to find a new way to serve Rosaria. Clive made up his mind to go to the path, where he make himself the warrior with a sword. He makes the achievement of winning the ducal tournament at the early age of fifteen in which he gets the title of First Shield of Rosaria.

After getting the title First Shield, he had the ability to control and manipulate a part of the Phoenix’s flames and function as its protector, but no one had this ability or control its part.

Attacked by Forces

Clive and his family were attacked by imperial Forces known as Night of Flames at  Phoenix Gate, causing the Phoenix to run. During this time, the unknown infernal Eikon Ifrit appears, and a battle of rages which seems shocking and destructible between the two Eikons, changing Clive’s destiny for all time.

Beginning of Journey

About 10 years later, Clive decided to go on a path where he takes revenge. For this, he had to pass the hard and dangerous journey to Valisthea. On this journey, he will experience different situations, such as meeting new and old friends, allies, battlefield mates, and enemies who use the part of different Eikon’s power.

Along Clive’s revenge path, we going to see that he will be going to unlock many powerful abilities from Eikons from the skill tree by fighting them. Below, we got a list of all abilities (knows till now) that he learns.


  • Phoenix (Eikon of fire) – Fire, Fira, Phoenix Shift, Scarlet Cyclone, Rising Flames,
  • Shiva – Ice Age, Mesmerize, Rime, Blizzard, Cold Snap,
  • Titan – Windup, Titanic Block, Stone, Raging Fist, Upheaval
  • Garuda – Gouge, Wicked Wheel, Deadly Embrace, Rook’s Gambit, Aero
  • Odin – Gungnir, Dark, Heaven’s Cloud, Zantetsuken, Sheathe
  • Bahamut – Wings of Light, Flare Breath, Satellite, Megaflare, Dia
  • Ramuh – Thunder, Thunderstorm, Pile Drive


According to this information of the main character which is provided by Final Fantasy 16, they bring the old main character with changes and refreshments by adding skills, abilities, fighting style, and storyline. It will be interesting how all-new gameplay features are applicable to the game.

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